Maybe It Was For Nothing….

I think I’ve come to the realization that everything I’ve done is truly pointless.  All the dreams I had of making what I went through mean something……they really do mean nothing.  The things I had hoped for were never attainable.  I am who I am, and that will never change…..or mean anything.

Is this a pity party?  Maybe…..or maybe….it is the simple fact that reality has hit me and I’m just done.  Maybe I didn’t try hard enough…..or maybe it is all just for nothing.  I’m just another person in a giant world of people who have gone through some crap and just keep going through crap and it all just sucks.

I’m sure the 2 people who will read this will try and reach out, but really……I’m ok.  It’s just time to face facts and step away from it all.  I’ll probably shut down my social media soon as well and just live.

Thanks everyone who supported……maybe I’ll post again sometime soon……I’m not sure.